Hand towels

Get your one of a kind towel today!

Great to display in your kitchen or bath as decoration or for daily use!

These towels will hold up through any use and are professionally made to absorb water, soap, and other liquids like a magnet!

Machine Washable: will perform great through hundreds of washes, since the design is printed on through sublimation.

Dry Anything & Everything Really Fast! Get Spotless Streak Free Dishes! These absorbent towels pick up moisture and wipe away streaks. By using just plain water, the Microfiber towels are great for scrubbing and removing gunk off of your household surfaces.

Dry More Dishes With Just 1 microfiber towel easily- wring out and air-dry fast, so you'll always have a nice dry towel to use.
A soft & scratch-free dish-cloth, means you can use it on windows, bathroom mirrors, and even polish kitchen appliances.

Towel measurements are 16"x 24"

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